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 The ultimate Guide To Burnout paradise on PS3!!!

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PostSubject: The ultimate Guide To Burnout paradise on PS3!!!   Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:48 am

this is a list of codes, cheats, a walkthrough and a discussion for the game

Promo Codes:
You will need class A lisence for there to work, go to your profile(Start button) and go to sponser codes.

The Following codes are american only!
Unlock Best Buy Car:
Enter the code 'BESTBUY'.

Unlock Circuit City Racer Car:
Enter the code'CIRCUITCITY'.

Unlock Gamestop Touge Car:
Enter the code 'GAMESTOP'.

Unlock Wal-Mart WTR Car:
Enter the code 'WALMART'.

Unlock Steel Wheels GT:
Enter the code 'Q83E 3H1S BI3B 40P4'

The Following Codes are Europian and UK Only!
Unlock Steel Wheels GT:
Enter the code 'Z891 4K88 IN25 79AA'

Unlock Gamestop Touge car:
Enter the code 'B179 8M20 XA09 80FF'

Cars can only Be unlocked by completing Races, Road Rages, Marked Mans, stunt runs and aminly burning routes.
The Following Cars can be unlocked by doing other things:

Unlock Jansen Carbon X12:
Land ALL 50 Superjumps.

Unlock Montgomery Carbon Hawker:
Hit ALL 120 Billboards.

Unlock Carson Carbon GT Concept:
Find ALL 400 Smashes.

Unlock Hunter Mesquite:
Get a D license.

Unlock Nakamura SI-7:
Get a C license.

Unlock Carson Fastback:
Get a B license.

Unlock Rossolini Tempesta:
Get an A license.

Unlock Uberschall:
Beat 2 sets of the Online Challenges.

Unlock Iskusa GT:
Beat ALL Offline Times on the 64 Roads.

Unlock Hydros Custom:
Beat ALL Offline Showtimes on the 64 Roads.

Licences on Burnout are like Levels, all the events you have completed are reset and you basicly start again
apart from it is harder, this is how to upgrade your licence:

Unlock D License:
Win 2 races.

Unlock C License:
Win 7 races.

Unlock B License:
Win 16 races.

Unlock A License:
Win 26 races.

Unlock Burnout Paradise License:
Win 45 races.

Unlock Burnout Elite License:
Win ALL 110 races.

Whe you get certain Amounts of game complete you get a new colour to put on your cars
this is a guide to that:

Gold Paint is unlocked when you do the following:
Get the Burnout Licence.
To get the Burnout licence you need to complete all events

For a platinum paint you need to get 100%
To do this you need to do the following:
100% Completion
All Road Rules
All Showtime Road Rules
Drive to roof of each Parking Lot
All 50 Super Jumps
All Billboards
All Smashes
Two sets off Freeburn Challenges.

Or of course you can buy the time savers pack from the PS store
it costs £3.99 and you get all the cars, and all the paints, you still have to complete the events though

As you PS3 users will know, PS3 has "Trophies", well burnout has trophies to collect
you can get a list through a link at the bottom of this Post.

Burnout has alot of add-ons that you can buy from the PS Store
these range from free updates to islands, more cars and even Bikes!
here is a list of add-ons for you!
Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers: this is a game of cops and robbers, but for real!
this costs £7.99 and comes with 36 new cop cars and the cops and robbers games.

Burnout Paradise Boost Specials: this pack gives you 2 new cars, all made for boosting!, including 1 car that dosnt stop boosting!
this costs £6.29 or £3.99 each.

Burnout Paradise Toy Cars : this pack gives you 9 new cars, 1 of which is a monkey bike!the whole pack costs £9.99
but you can buy them in mini-packs
this is how the packs work:
Pack 1: (£4.99)
Toy Cavelry
Toy Manhattan
Toy P12

Pack 2: (£4.99)
Toy GT Concept
Toy Citizen
Toy Takedown 4x4
Toy Inferno Van

The toy Bike Must be Brought with the mass pack.

Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars : this pack contains of 4 cars, all changed to become legends.
this pack costs £6.29.
the cars can be purchased indervisually for £1.59 each, the P88 is £3.19 though.

Burnout Paradise Party Pack : this pack is the perfect way for you to have a party. This premium downloadable pack that allows you and a roomful of friends to test each other's skills in a variety of on-the-spot challenges.
this pack costs £9.99 or buy the burnout paradise ultimate box and get it free.

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box: this is another burnout game, but it includes all free downloads and the party pack
it's cost isnt fixed, normally around £29.99.

PlayStation Trophies Pack : this pack gives trophy support to burnout
it is a free download.

Burnout Paradise Bikes! this FREE pack saw bikes come into burnout for the first time
you get 2 bikes from the start, and you have to earn the other 2, (Toy bike comes with toy cars pack)

Codename Cagney: we released our Cagney Pack and with it a giant-sized helping of new online game modes, challenges, cars and paint-jobs as well as custom soundtracks and a complete overhaul of our ranked race system.

Big Surf Island: This is a new island to play on!!! with the motto "if you can see it you can drive it" it sounds great!
and for £9.99!!!
loads more info is at the link at the bottom!

Well, for now thats it!
i will be updating this loads

Useful Links:
Big Surf Island Info: http://burnout.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Surf_Island_
Burnout website: http://www.criteriongames.com
Burnout Trophies list: http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/burnout-paradise/trophies/

Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: The ultimate Guide To Burnout paradise on PS3!!!   Sun Aug 09, 2009 8:07 am

Woah, nice guide, too bad i don't have a PS3...
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GZpower Member
GZpower Member

Number of posts : 30
Reputation : 2
Gamer Points : 6998
Registration date : 2009-08-09

PostSubject: Re: The ultimate Guide To Burnout paradise on PS3!!!   Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:38 pm

yea, shame
i wrote this myself just to save confusion
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PostSubject: Re: The ultimate Guide To Burnout paradise on PS3!!!   

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The ultimate Guide To Burnout paradise on PS3!!!
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